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Home Furnace Installation & Repair

Installation & Replacement

Furnace Installation

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From furnace installation to indoor air quality solutions, the experts at Maverick have extensive knowledge and experience in furnace installment. To see how we can help restore comfort to your Crystal Coast home, contact one of our HVAC experts today for quality furnace service for your home.

Furnace Replacement

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You could be spending more on your energy bills with a furnace 15 years or older.  If your home’s furnace is over 15 years of age or has not been working as it should call us today. We offer furnace replacement services to residents across the Morehead City, North Carolina area. 

Let's Work Together

Identifying the problem requires an experienced and trained HVAC professional. The service experts at Maverick Heating & Air Conditioning are just the right technicians for the job.

Residential Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Heat Pump Repair

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Heat pumps are reliable alternatives to traditional heating and cooling systems. But what makes these HVAC systems so reliable is their ability to provide heat in the winter and cooling in the spring and summer. Their two-in-one capabilities make them popular among Crystal Coast homeowners.

Heat Pump Accessories

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Because your heat pump works all year long, it can take a toll on the system. The only way to ensure it’s still operating efficiently is hiring a trustworthy heating and air conditioner company to service it twice per year. Maverick has heat pump accessories to help maintain and repair your systems. Call today to request a Quote!

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