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Residential A/C Services
Morehead City, NC

Dependable service professionals that handle the air conditioning repair and maintenance in your Crystal Coast home. Reach out to us for a quote and let us get your home cooled down again in no time!


Residential A/C Repair

Our certified technicians service lots of makes and models of air conditioners. 

First, we’ll verify the equipment is operating safely. Second, we’ll perform a thorough cleaning, then troubleshoot, and tune the system. Our service techs complete an extensive checklist designed to restore your HVAC equipment as close as possible to factory condition.

When you invest in a central air conditioning system, you count on enjoying cool comfort throughout the warmer months. Contact Maverick Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for affordable annual HVAC Maintenance Agreements in Crystal Coast.

A/C Maintainance

Our expertly trained and respectful service technicians accommodate your busy schedule, complete timely service, and take steps to protect floors and surrounding surfaces (indoor and out) from damage. Our technicians maintain an orderly job site and remove any debris and retrieve discarded equipment for proper disposal.

A few of the many advantages of professional maintenance include:

Energy savings, fewer repairs, seasonal troubleshooting, longer service life, healthier air quality, and convenience. Our service technicians will prepare your cooling equipment for the workload. If you encounter any problems with your home’s central air conditioning system, our team of certified technicians is always available to provide the help you need.

A/C Unit Replacement

Your current air conditioner will serve your home wonderfully...until the day it doesn’t. When this happens, you should call an HVAC technician to your home, hoping for a  fix of a part within your air conditioning unit but sometimes a total replacement is necessary.

Knowing when to replace or repair your air conditioning system can be difficult without an HVAC technician. Maverick is here to offer you help in that decision. Our team of trusted technicians will review and give you an honest opinion on how to proceed. 

Jordy Brandt Owner at Maverick Mechanical Heating and Air
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