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Residential Heating Services

Heating issues can be true emergencies, not just an inconvenience. If you’re having trouble with your heating system like your furnace or heat pump, you should take those problems seriously right from the start. We’re proud to be your trusted local heating repair experts. Whether you’re having a small issue or you need a furnace repair in the middle of the heating season, we are here to help.

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Heating System Repair

We know how important your heating system is, and we seek to respect your time and your property. That’s why we’ll send you a qualified, registered, and licensed service technician. Our goal is to make sure that your system is completely fixed and runs at peak efficiency. Whether your home has a Trane, Carrier, Bosch, or Goodman heating system, you can be sure we at Maverick will provide unmatched service to our customers in the Morehead City area.

If you need a system replacement, we’ll help you understand why your existing system can’t or shouldn’t be fixed, and we’ll work with you to find the right replacement solution for your home.

Residential Heating Preventitive Maintainance 

Preventive maintenance on your HVAC system will not only ensure that the equipment is running at maximum efficiency but it will also extend the life of that equipment. Research shows that a regular tune-up of your heating will save you money in the long run.

When a trained service technician comes to your home to perform the maintenance check, they will do several things like, check refrigerant levels and inspect for leaks, clean and straighten condenser coils to ensure proper air flow, check gas connections for leaks, tighten all electrical connections, lubricate all moving parts, test thermostat to make sure it’s cycling the system on and off properly, and check the air filter.

Most manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment require annual preventive maintenance on their equipment to maintain the warranty. Give Maverick a call and we will help you maintain your equipment properly. 


Whether you are experiencing issues with heat pumps or furnaces our technicians here at Maverick Heating and Cooling are up to the task of heater replacement. Our technicians diagnose problems after talking to a customer and closely examining the home’s heating system, our service tech may find a blower motor has burned out.


In other situations, it may be something as simple as changing air filters or other related tasks. Even if it is an older heating system that may be finally being replaced, we can work with our customers to meet their heater replacement needs in the most affordable way possible. Call us today and let our team heat up your home.

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